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[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] Fiona Yang
She is headmaster of Mandarin morning, member of International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, and research scientist in International Chinese language teachers association. She has many years teaching and managing experience, devote...
[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] Margret
Mandarin Morning Chinese Teacher, she has the teaching Chinese as Foreign Language teaching Certificate and he does lots of jobs on the Mandarin teaching research, her lesson with lots of passion and humor, she is a very popular teacher amo...
[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] Lily
She is the Advanced Skills Teacher in Mandarin Morning, major in Chinese, she has the 7 years teaching experience, she spend lots of time on the teaching research, her teaching style is humor and relaxing, she can do many interactions on he...
[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] jessmine
She is the EXCELLENT TEACHER in 2011 in mandarin morning, she has strong desire to help foreigners to live comfortable and happy in Shanghai, she can travel to teach and do over 40 hours/week teaching job. She devote all of her time on teac...
[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] Betty
She is the Advanced Skills Teacher in Mandarin Morning, her major is teaching Chinese as foreign language, as she has many years teaching experience, her strong advantage is HSK test, and she can help you answer the questions quick and effe...
[Mandarin Teacher Shanghai] Sunny
Work Experience 2008/11--Present: Mandarin Morning Training Center(500 people) [ 4 year and 8month] Industry: Education/Training/Universities and Colleges IELTS Trainer * Banking English; Career Development; Industry Knowledge; Business Eng...
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