【Learn Chinese】Chinese Lesson: Meat

When you are at a restaurant in China it can be difficult to read the menu, especially when there is no English translation. But even if you can’t understand the whole name of the dish, if you can recognize the name of the meat you will have a pretty good idea how the dish will taste like.
But how do you say different meat names in Chinese?
First, meat in Chinese is 肉 (ròu). You will find this character a lot in the following vocabularies.
Of course, you also might want to buy meat sometimes. Where can you buy it? You can go to a supermarket 超市 (chāo shì) or the butcher’s shop 肉铺 (ròu pù) or 肉店 (ròu diàn).
Here are some meat vocabularies:
Beef: 牛肉 (niú ròu)
Veal: 小牛肉 (xiăo niú ròu)
Ham: 火腿 (huŏ tuĭ)
Chicken: 鸡肉 (jī ròu)
Turkey: 火鸡肉 (huŏ jī ròu)
Duck: 鸭肉 (yā ròu)
Bacon: 培根 (péi gēn)
Pork: 猪肉 (zhū ròu)
Mutton: 羊肉 (yáng ròu)
Filet mignon: 菲力牛排 (fēi lì niú pái)
Sausage: 香肠 (xiāng cháng)
Lamb chop: 带骨羊排 (dài gǔ yáng pái)
Pork chop: 带骨猪排 (dài gǔ zhū pái)